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Writing Essentials for the Elementary Pianist

Writing Essentials for the Elementary Pianist


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Help your student explore the basic patterns of music that build the foundation of musicianship and technique. Ages: 7 and up.

MAJOR SCALES and CHORDS taught in Book 2 are: B, F#, C#, Ab, Eb, Bb; (including enharmonic keys Db, Gb, and Cb); along with their parallel 5-note minor scales and the relative natural minor scales. Building root position authentic cadences to introduce the tonic - dominant relationships are included. Quizzes, keyboard exploration exercises, a technical supplement with complete fingerings, and the answer key are also provided.

Suggestions on How to Use the Writing Essentials
  • There are 8 worksheets associated with each major key
  • Each section is divided by tone centers
  • Teachers with young students:
    • Begin with major 5-note patterns of each chapter
    • Follow by corresponding parallel minor patterns
    • Follow by simple intro to the major scale in easy keys
    • More advanced students may enjoy the challenge activities & additional exploration of minor keys.

Recommended Music Theory Curriculum:


Learning Cards™ for the elementary level student


These Essentials: intervals, scales, and root position triads


Level 1 Workbook and Level 1 Companion theory cards


Level 2 Workbook and Level 2 Companion theory cards


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  • 5-note and 8-note major scales on B, F#, C#, Ab, Eb, Bb
  • Introduces enharmonics on major keys Cb, Gb, and Db
  • Presents 5-note parallel minor patterns
  • Introduces relative natural minor patterns
  • Provides step-by-step teaching narrative
  • Easy to use for independent study
  • May be adapted for group lessons
  • Includes keyboard discovery activities
  • Clarifies theory concepts for all students



Size: 8.5" x 11"
124 Pages
White 28 lb. Paper
B&W and greyscale; Spiral Bound
Answer key included