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Dominant 7th Chords: Root Position with Inversions

Dominant 7th Chords: Root Position with Inversions


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For keyboard students

Levels: From mid-intermediate to late-advanced

These Learning Cards™ Dominant 7th Chords: Root Position with Inversions, provide eighty-one examples that feature dominant 7th chords in root position and with inversions.  This comprehensive set of study cards begins by defining seventh chords and their qualities, the intervallic structure, along with the commonly used figured bass symbols.  It also explains the symbols and abbreviations that are used to name V7 chords. Students will have the opportunity to get experience recognizing and notating dominant chords in multiple keys.  The answers to the chord riddles include the multiple ways these chords may be abbreviated.  Initially, this set of chord theory material will be a challenge, but with regular use provide many hours of fun self-instruction.

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  • Created for Intermediate & Advanced Levels
  • Illustrated riddles and answers
  • Multi-faceted approach to learning the structure and use of V7 chords
  • Reinforces understanding figured bass symbols
  • Multi-key signature learning
  • Highlights the benefits of inversions



Size: 5.5" x  4.25"
Full Color; 85 Pages
Table of Contents; Index
Index Card Stock
Spiral Bound