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Theory and Technique – Books 1 and 2

Theory and Technique – Books 1 and 2

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". . . Building a Strong Technical Foundation with Music Theory Activities at the Keyboard."

These two multi-purpose workbooks are designed for early level pianists or any general musician. This series simultaneously teaches basic music theory scale and chord elements, while building a foundation for piano technique. Instead of using separate books, students develop their tactile skills as they systematically discover the relationships between scales, chords, and elementary cadences while at the keyboard. Each book is divided by key-centered subjects that include writing and keyboard activities to be completed in any order. Teachers will find that using the book’s teaching narratives facilitates collaboration with the student and simplifies technique and music theory activities during the flow of the lesson. These workbooks will build a strong technical foundation and provide real application of music theory in relation to the student’s keyboard experience.

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  • Provides step-by-step teaching narrative
  • 5-note and 8-note major scales
  • Introduces relative natural minor patterns
  • . . . and 5-note parallel minor patterns
  • How to build an authentic cadence
  • Technical supplement with fingerings
  • May be adapted for individual or group lessons
  • Supports any theory syllabus


Size: 8.5" x 11"
White 28 lb. paper
Black and grey scale; spiral bound