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Interval Essentials in Treble and Bass Clefs

Interval Essentials in Treble and Bass Clefs


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Intervals for All Levels and All Ages

An Analysis of Intervals and their Qualities

In this new informative set of 102 cards you will find a presentation unlike other educational products that analyze intervals. Fun and challenging riddles in the treble and bass clefs, reference charts, and interval formulas are provided to enhance the learning experience. This product offers the teacher the opportunity to be versatile, spontaneous, and supports a customized approach for effective instruction in the private, group lesson, or to easily assign independent study. Intervals are defined and in easy to find categories: major, minor, perfect, augmented, and diminished intervals. Inverted intervals and compound intervals are also introduced in a simple and user-friendly format.  Optional challenge questions offer an additional layer of learning to increase understanding about the most basic, yet intrinsic element of melody and harmony. Use it for test preparation, a method to quickly and successfully learn about intervals, or as a convenient reference in your music library or studio.

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  • Evidence-based learning
  • Prmotes creative practice
  • Fully illustrated examples
  • Diagrams & reference Charts
  • Builds strong musicianship
  • Eye and ear-training
  • Improves sight-reading


Size: 5.5" x  4.25"
Full Color; 105 Pages
Table of Contents
Index Card Stock
Coil Bound