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Scale Essentials in Treble and Bass Clefs

Scale Essentials in Treble and Bass Clefs


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Intervals for All Levels. All Ages

A guide to Common Scales used in Western Music

Now it is possible for any instrumentalist or vocalist to learn about all the most used scales in one compact 108 card mini-book. Illustrated in treble and bass clef, this easy-to-use resource is great for independent study, or spontaneous use in the private lesson or group lesson.

Students will learn the basic major and minor key relationships through the Circle of Keys. We have created reference charts with easy-to-memorize formulas that will not just educate the student, but also build their confidence and take away the fear of learning scales. Each scale category is presented in a well-organized and progressive format. All of the major and minor categories are represented in every key, including their enharmonic relationships. The more exotic scales such as pentatonic, chromatic, whole tone, diminished, and augmented, are also included. The final learning cards define and introduce the basic construction of blues scales and modes for beginning jazz-curious students and other improvisers. Throughout Scale Essentials there are optional challenge questions and scale exercises for more ambitious or advanced students. This is an economic and informative resource that any student or teacher will be grateful to have in their studio or library. Enjoy this fun and multi-modal approach to learning scales.

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  • Evidence – based learning
    Promotes creative practice
    Fully illustrated examples
    Diagrams and reference charts
    Builds strong musicianship
    Eye and ear training
    Improves sight-reading


Size: 5.5" x  4.25"
Full Color; 108 Pages
Table of Contents
Index Card Stock
Coil Bound