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Fundamentals of Reading and Writing Harmony and Rhythm

Fundamentals of Reading and Writing Harmony and Rhythm


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For keyboard students

For ages 5 and up

Levels: From early-elementary to late-elementary

Collection: Elementary Level, Book 2 of 3

This second deck of the Elementary Level collection features riddles about the grand staff, scales, chords and triads, key signatures, time signatures, intervals on the keyboard and the staff, and cadences.  All 65+ definitions and illustrations are in full color. All teachers will observe how easy and beneficial it is for students to use this supplement in the early phase of piano study. Learning to read music is more than just knowing the music alphabet; it is also about recognizing patterns.

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  • Supports early music literacy
  • Introduction of key signatures
  • Scale structure illustrations
  • Introduction to primary chords
  • Promotes intervallic learning
  • Illustrated meter & rhythm concepts
  • Chord functions in cadences



Size: 5.5" x  4.25"
full color; 69 Pages
Table of contents; Index
Index Card Stock
A hole on Upper Left Corner
one 1.5" Diameter Metal Ring.