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Basic Notation Elements for Reading & Writing Music

Basic Notation Elements for Reading & Writing Music


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For keyboard students

For ages 5 and up.

Preparatory through Level 2 Students

Collection: Elementary Level, Book 1 of 3

This deck of Learning Cards™ is the first of three packs of the elementary level riddles that feature the basic components of a piano and its system of notes and keys.  The student is introduced to some basic parts of the piano such as pedals, strings and the soundboard; the white keys and black keys on the keyboard are also explained. Early reading fundamentals introduced are the music alphabet, accidentals, ledger lines, individual notes on the treble staff and the bass staff, as well as ledger notes between the grand staff. There are 60+ definitions and illustrations in full color. Beginners will benefit the most from this elementary level card-set that helps to build a good foundation for connecting with the instrument and for developing music reading skills.

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  • Illustrated riddles and answers
  • Introduces keyboard geography
  • Easy way to learn early notation
  • Improves early note recognition
  • Introduces accidentals
  • Identifies basic parts of the piano
  • Perfect for beginners of all ages



Size: 5.5" x  4.25"
Full Color; 63 Pages
Table of Contents; Index
Index Card Stock
Spiral Bound