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Practice Tests – 8 Workbooks

Practice Tests – 8 Workbooks

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Buy all eight workbooks and save more.

CCRiddles™ Music Theory Workbooks are designed to provide the keyboard student with a sense of accomplishment as they complete the simple worksheets that improve and develop their understanding of music theory.  When used as a regular component of study, students may confidently prepare for exams as they reinforce their skills of musical comprehension. The versatile applications of the workbooks may be used independently or as a supplement to any piano method.

Purchasing the complete collection offers any teacher's studio the advantage of having a wealth of information and the creative means to make teaching music theory simple and fun!

 Progressive Teaching Tools:
WB0-FC-V2-500 WB1-FC-V2-500 WB2-FC-V2-500
Level 4 Workbook WB5-FC-V2-500 WB6-FC-V2-500 WB7-FC-V2-500


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  • Organized by year of study
  • Preparatory through Level 7
  • Goal – oriented checklist
  • Musical examples included
  • Clear and consistent format
  • Teacher answer key included
  • Perfect for teacher’s studio
  • For individual or group lessons 



Size: 8.5" x 11"
Single-page Worksheets
White 28 lb. Paper
1 Color; Spiral Bound