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Read the Riddle

Read the riddle to yourself and guess the answer before checking the answer on the back of the card. Use any illustrations or check the key words in the riddle for clues to the possible answer. When you are ready, flip the card for the correct answer.

Challenge Yourself

Do the reverse method and read the answer first, then use your own words to define the concept, create your own question, or write on manuscript paper any given exercises or examples to improve your overall understanding.

Use Recitation and Repetition

Reciting the clues to yourself or by having a parent, sibling or friend read them out loud to you will reinforce your memorization of the material.  The recitation and repetition will assist with auditory recall. This is the best way to transfer new definitions from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Learning Cards™ “Card Game”

Use the cards as if they were a deck of playing cards.  Play a game with your family or friends to encourage you to be drilled on the material.  For example, the player who has the most correct answers keeps the most cards. Return incorrect answer to the bottom of the deck. The player who has the most cards wins the game.