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Developing Music Theory Literacy

To encourage music theory literacy use the cards at the beginning or end of the lesson. With regular use this will help you assess the student’s progress. Get creative with your own ideas! Example: Pick a card and read or play an example or use the illustration as a final hint. How many riddles are they able to correctly answer? Keep a tally.

Pre-lesson Study

As a warm up to their lesson, or while students are waiting for their lesson, have them read some of the clues quietly to themselves; then question them as the lesson begins.

Regular Quizzing

Learning Cards™ are well suited to all learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Suggest that your child or student use them at least once a week to facilitate a fun and successful learning experience.

Create Music Theory Stations

In a group theory instructional setting, groups of four or five may participate at the learning station. Divide each group by an assortment of ability and learning levels. The teacher will closely monitor each station and make sure that each student within the group will be a contributing member, therefore taking ownership of the project. The amount of time set aside for student participation at each station should be determined by the number in each group and the number of stations that each group will visit. Preferably, students will rotate every 15 to 20 minutes.

Supporting Good Study Habits and Time Management Skills

Before allowing your child to play video games or other recreational activities, require them to recite specific cards. Create a reward system based on how many cards they answer correctly… or you may participate as well and let them test you. Make it a game and have fun!