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Since 2006, CCRiddles has been creating versatile music theory products for every style of pedagogy and modes of learning. We promote a goal-oriented process that is fun and easy to understand.

Our principal business is the design, production, and distribution of music theory workbooks and the Learning Cards™ series.  We are part of the music theory market segment specializing in progressive and correlated teaching tools that can be used with any teaching method.

CCRiddles™ is the pioneer of music theory cards entitled Learning Cards™.  Unlike flash cards, we define and illustrate music theory elements in a simple question and answer format. This unique design makes learning fun and non-threatening for students of all ages.  CCRiddles Music Theory Workbook series includes a variety of written activities and subject-related questions in riddle form with the sole purpose of helping the student to become an independent learner and aid in the enhancing of the student’s critical thinking skills.  With the Learning Cards™ series, quizzing by the teacher or parent on a regular basis facilitates, yet reinforces the theoretical principles presented at every level. Our products cover music theory elements from the early elementary to the advanced level of music theory.

CCRiddles is led by Clara Castano, Company President. Our main objective is to provide quality products for teachers and students that facilitate teaching, facilitate learning, and make the student an active, independent learner.  Our main purpose is to help increase music literacy for students of all ages as well as their parents. We have a team of dedicated, experienced, and talented individuals who are committed to meet the needs of our customers. We hope you will consider incorporating Learning Cards™ as well as the Music Theory Workbooks into your music education needs.